England Fencing success

One of our pupils has said it is a dream come true to represent England in Fencing, and has high hopes he will make a career out of his sporting passion.

He joined Hatherop Castle three years ago, and has been perfecting his fencing skills ever since. ‘I chose the sport as I saw a fencing club at school, and my mum and dad wanted to participate when they were younger. That is what ignited my passion.’

He is trained in epée, where touchés can only be scored with the very tip of the blade, but the entire body is a valid target. He is optimistic he will perform well representing England and believes his skills will help him on his way. ‘Fencing incorporates everything I want to do. It’s fast, tactical and you have to think on your feet.’

Mr Reed, said, ‘We are incredibly proud because he has become a role model for the young people in the team at school, having put in a lot of hard work and being so dedicated.’