Welcome to the Nursery

Hatherop Castle Nursery is a friendly and nurturing place for your child to begin his or her school life, in the stunning grounds of Hatherop Castle.

Positive first experiences away from home are key to laying the foundations for a successful education. Our focus is always on your child’s wellbeing and enjoyment, because we know that happy, stimulated children excel.

When you are two years old, there’s so much to discover about the world – life is one long adventure. At Hatherop Castle Nursery, we encourage our children to grasp all the opportunities on offer with both hands. They are active all day, trying new skills, exploring ideas and generally getting stuck in, in our cheerful and engaging classrooms.

In the walled garden that surrounds our Nursery, there are climbing frames to conquer, ride-on toys in which to mount expeditions and a flower and vegetable bed to sow. Beyond the wall, a wide and wonderful world awaits them. The children frequently explore our beautiful and extensive school grounds and venture into the woods to discover more about the natural world.

Creative learning is at the core of everything we do. Children are encouraged to use their own problem-solving skills and make their own discoveries. Working independently and in groups, they learn new techniques and build confidence, which leads to rapid progress towards their Early Learning Goals. Our engaged and experienced staff keep a careful eye on each child’s development to ensure that he or she remains interested and absorbed, and children of all abilities make outstanding progress.

By the time our children transition to our Reception class, they are ready and eager for the next stage in their school life, well ahead of their peers and taking with them the confidence, curiosity and desire to learn that has been nurtured here.

"Friendly, dedicated staff and nurturing atmosphere more than make up any lack of superficial glitz and parents we spoke to were verging on evangelical, ‘It was the nursery that sold the school to us,’ said one. Several said that for them, the fact that the nursery is run along ‘traditional’ lines was a deciding factor. " Good Schools Guide 2018