The Inaugural Wishford Conference

Teaching is on the brink of a transformation as technology and AI becomes more developed.

This was discussed at the first Wishford Conference, attended by our teaching staff who travelled to Westonbirt School to join eight fellow schools from the group. Staff met in subject- or age-appropriate groups to discuss various aspects of improving our teaching and ultimately developing pupils’ learning and share ideas about best practice from the wealth of experience across our schools.

Mark Stevenson, author, broadcaster and expert on global trends and innovation, spoke honestly and candidly about how schools are charged with the most important task of training the leaders and decision makers of the future. It is no secret that the world is changing rapidly and the use of technology is shaping the way we work now and into the future.

So how do we go about this change?

We need energetic, solution-orientated young people who are capable of higher-order thinking, and so teachers need to put this at the heart of their lessons. Alongside these skills we need to ensure we are developing children’s emotional intelligence and empathy while giving them the opportunity to think and learn in a creative and innovative way.

Mark’s presentation confirmed that the direction in which Hatherop is moving with its teaching and learning is very much in line with current thinking on what the future holds for our children. These are exciting times at Hatherop and for education in general. As a staff team, we all look forward to supporting and guiding our pupils in this ever-changing world.