Welcome to boarding at Hatherop Castle. Boarding plays a key role in developing the school’s strong sense of family values, encouraging children to live and work together harmoniously, build friendships and develop their independence. All the children flourish in comfortable surroundings where they are offered the attention, care and guidance they need.

The boarding house, named after Lord De Mauley who restored the Castle after a fire in 1850, lies within the heart of Hatherop Castle School. This helps to build a unique sense of community and ensures children receive the very best start in life.

There are so many benefits to boarding: developing independence, confidence, emotional intelligence, a sense of community and deeper level of friendships, better academic support and preparation for senior schools. Above all it’s fun!

Our Boarding Philosophy

  • Boarders should live in an environment that is happy with a good family and community spirit in which they can have fun.
  • It should be caring, safe, disciplined and positive.
  • The children should have sufficient privacy for themselves.
  • It should be home-from-home – a place where each child is known and cared for as an individual.
  • Every boarder should have someone who will be their advocate or champion, like a day pupil’s parent if required.

Boarding options

There are five ways to for your child to access these benefits at Hatherop.

Full-time Boarding

Boarders spend the entire term with us, visiting guardians or relatives during half-term. At weekends they have a busy and exciting programme of activities.

Weekly Boarding

Many of our parents find that weekly boarding suits them best. Boarders arrive on either Sunday evening or Monday morning, and return home on Friday evening or Saturday lunchtime.

Home and Away Boarding

This option of accessing the benefits of boarding is called Home & Away boarding and is unique to Hatherop. Children go home at weekends and on Wednesday evenings. This is often chosen as good preparation for Senior school.

Regular Boarding

Boarders stay with us on the same nights each week, booked in advance.

Occasional Boarding

Boarders stay with us when they want to, or when their parents need to make use of this facility, often at the last minute.

Boarding Staff

Mr Holmes is the Head of Boarding. Mr & Mrs Holmes are the Houseparents and live with their daughter Katie and their two dogs (Bob and Watson) at one end of de Mauley House. Mr Holmes is Head of Computing, a Prep 8 tutor and teaches Games.

At the other end of the house is Mr & Mrs Nish, our boarding house tutors. Mr Nish is Head of Maths, a Prep 5 tutor and teaches Games and Mrs Nish is a Prep 3 teacher. The Headmaster and his two boys, Oscar and Albie (and Olive the dog) also live in the Castle and are fully involved with boarders. Also living in the house are two Gap students who spend a lot of time in the house helping all the boarders.

If you have any questions or queries regarding boarding please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Jon Holmes, Head of Boarding you can email him on or call 01285 750206

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Boarding should be fun and our aim is to help the children make happy lifelong memories as part of their Adventure of Childhood.