Inspection Reports

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Independent schools are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate approximately every three years, alternating between Regulatory Compliance Inspections and Integrated Inspections.

Regulatory Compliance Inspection

Hatherop Castle School’s most recent inspection was a Regulatory Compliance Inspection in 2019. Judgements given are limited to ‘met’ or ‘not met’. Hatherop Castle met all compliance standards. You can see a full report here:

Hatherop Castle School Compliance Inspection

Integrated Inspection

In our most recent integrated inspection in 2016, Hatherop Castle was graded ‘Excellent’ in all nine categories.

We were absolutely delighted with the results, which supported our view that Hatherop Castle is a happy and inspirational school in which children are supported and challenged to achieve amazing things.

Click on the links below to see pdfs of the Inspection Report in full, or the shorter Inspection Report Highlights. Printed copies of both are available from the school.

Hatherop Castle Inspection Report 2016
Hatherop Castle Inspection Highlights 2016