Empowering Future leaders in Our Prep 7 and 8 Enrichment Programme

Our Prep 7 and 8 Enrichment Programme plays a vital role in familiarising pupils with what lies ahead. Providing exposure to a broad spectrum of careers enables our young individuals to explore diverse fields, helping them identify their interests and talents.

On Tuesday, 30th January, our pupils were joined by professionals from a highly successful Cotswold business, the CEO of Wishford Schools, a Veterinary and Pathology Scientist, and a BBC broadcaster. Throughout the morning, the children engaged in a series of Q&A talks, allowing them to pose questions and learn about the professional journeys of the guests. A recurring theme emerged – the importance of ‘finding your passion and loving what you do.’ The children were captivated by a variety of messages, and some highlights have been shared below.

‘Follow your dreams’

‘Don’t follow money, follow your passion’

‘You don’t need to leave school knowing what you want to do’

‘Self employed individuals pay their own tax at the end of each year’

At Hatherop, we firmly believe in our Upper School vision, which aims to expose pupils to as many tools as possible, preparing them in the best way we can for their journey ahead. It was a tremendously successful morning, made possible by the willingness of various professionals to share their experiences and expertise with the children, for which we are incredibly grateful.