School Bus Routes

Hatherop Castle runs a heavily subsidised school bus service throughout the area. The routes vary according to demand, and additional pick-ups can often be added, even at short notice.

Booking on to the bus

To book the bus and manage your bookings we use an online app called Vectare, which can be accessed online or via an app or by clicking on the link below. The app can be access from the Apple or Google Play app stores; it’s called “VecTive Passenger App”.

Features on the app

  • Book regular trips for a term/the whole academic year. It will tell you if the bus is full on certain days, but allows you to go onto a ‘wait list’.
  • You can book or make changes to single trips. That includes marking your child as not travelling or changing which bus stop they use, which can include changing to a different route.
  • You can track the location of the bus to see where it is, giving you an indication of how close the bus is to picking up or dropping off you child.
  • If the bus is running late, the driver will press a button on his app, which will send you an email alert to let you know.

Our Current Routes

Route timings

On a typical bus service, timings are only affected by traffic. However, because of the flexibility of our service, the buses often take a different route on different days. Parents should therefore keep an eye on the app to see where the bus is. Any published timing is therefore considered to be the latest that they will wait; if your child has not been dropped off by that time, the bus will then depart to ensure they get to school in time, or other children are not delayed. In the afternoon, if children are not collected by that time they will be returned to school. 

Many parents take advantage of the school run every day, others just certain days of the week. For some, it’s a welcome safety net, as we can add additional pick-ups for a one-off journey when parents can’t do their normal school run.

For further details, please contact