Boarding at Hatherop Castle

There are all sorts of reasons why you might choose boarding for your child.

Some of our boarders have parents working overseas or in the Armed Forces. For others, home is in a city, but their parents want them to enjoy the benefits of growing up in the countryside. Some have chosen prep school boarding as a preparation for a boarding senior school, or in recognition of the advantages it offers to a child’s personal development. Whatever the reasons, you want to be sure that school is a home away from home for your child, a friendly and happy place for boys and girls to live and enjoy their school days.

Flexible boarding

Our boarding options are exceptionally flexible, fitting around your requirements. For some of our children, Hatherop Castle is a full-time home during term time. Others board weekly, or stay for a regular two or three nights a week. We also welcome children who stay for a handful of days while their parents are travelling or tied up with work, not forgetting those who turn up at school with an overnight bag to enjoy a sleepover with their friends.

Our fun and flexible Cotswold Flyer accompanied train service picks pupils up on Sunday evening from London Paddington, returning them on Friday evening.

A fun and happy place to live

The general consensus among our boarders is that the day pupils miss out on all the fun. Every Saturday and Sunday our boarders set off on the most amazing and exciting range of expeditions. The children experience anything from mountain boarding to theme parks, and science museums to tree running. Back home, they can expect energetic games in the grounds, karaoke evenings and barbecue parties.

Support and encouragement

Our staff provide a warm and supportive safety blanket for our boarders. They are there first thing in the morning to get the day off to a positive start, and always on hand if children need a little extra support. It is our responsibility to make sure they get the right balance of work and play, particularly as children prepare for Common Entrance – happy downtime is as vital to good results as time spent studying.

"As parents having to live in London and wanting the best childhood experiences for their children without sacrificing family time, Hatherop Castle offers the perfect solution: weekly boarding and the Cotswold Flyer service. The boarding house at Hatherop and the house parents, provide our children with a real home from home – a place where they feel safe and cosy and yet enjoy all the fun of spending the week with their friends and taking part in numerous activities. Often there is too much fun to be had at the weekends for the children to want to come home(!) but when they do, the weekends are made so easy for all of us with the Cotswold Flyer train service. I feel so lucky to have found a school which provides something that we really struggled to find elsewhere: a genuinely happy boarding environment AND maximum family time at weekends." Weekly Boarding Parent