The Boarders’ day

Similar to as they would at home, our boarders have set routines whilst at school.

Weekday Routine

7am – Wake up, get dressed and ready for the day

7.30am – Breakfast

8.15am – Brush teeth and go to registration

Normal school routine

6.10pm – Supper

6.45 – Activities with duty staff

7.30pm – Shower and free time

8pm onwards – staggered bedtimes

Weekend Routine

8am – Breakfast available in the boarding house (no set wake-up time)

10am – Weekend activities begin

1pm – Lunch

1.30pm – Activities resume

6.10pm – Supper

6.45pm – Evening activity

Bedtime is at discretion of the House Staff (Sunday evening, children go to bed 15 minutes before their set bedtime to ensure well rested for the week ahead)

Saturday is normally an activity organised, often off site or a day trip away. Sunday is a more relaxed affair ‘at home’ as a boarding family.

Duty Staff Rotas

These are subject to change

Hatherop Castle School Boarding, Adventure of Childhood
Hatherop Castle School Boarding, Adventure of Childhood