Our aims and ethos

Hatherop Aims:

  • To provide a happy, stimulating and safe environment in which children can thrive and enjoy the adventure of childhood.
  • To challenge and support each child to achieve amazing things academically, in the visual and performing arts and on the sports field.
  • To constantly innovate and evolve to ensure that every child experiences the best possible education.
  • To promote learning in all its forms across every aspect of school life.
  • To successfully prepare all children for their first choice of senior school.
  • To develop considerate, tolerant and confident human beings.
  • To give the children an understanding of their own and other people’s cultures and beliefs.

Values and Ethos

Hatherop Values:

Our Hatherop values have been devised and supported by our pupils and wider community build young learners and leaders at Hatherop Castle. These values enable the children to live the school’s ethos.

Happiness: All members of our community should act and behave so we all can be happy.

Adventure: We play and learn with a sense of adventure

Teamwork: We work and play collaboratively and understand that we can excel and achieve more when we work as a team.

Honesty:  We learn from making mistakes and we want all members of our community to show honesty towards each other.

Encouragement:  We actively encourage everyone to strive for excellence in work and play.

Respect: Every member of the Hatherop community is treated with respect and kindness.

Opportunity: We make the most of every opportunity.

Perseverance: We do not give up when we find something hard or challenging.

School Ethos: (how we see the aims and values being lived)

Hatherop learners:

  • are happy, enjoy the adventure of childhood and thrive on friendship, respect and tolerance in a healthy, positive and purposeful community
  • are increasingly curious, aspirational, self-disciplined, resourceful, responsible, independent and confident learners, hungry to make the most of opportunity and with a growing passion for lifelong learning
  • learn how to achieve their individual potential and to be happy in their own skin, celebrating their strength and have the awareness of areas of development and are prepared to work at these
  • take advantage of opportunities and benefit from the confidence and the support to achieve amazing things
  • are confident and well-prepared leavers, who are able to move on to next stage, prepared, confident and excited for the wider world and to make a difference

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"From the child-led play in the nursery, the creative, topic-based pre prep curriculum and the emphasis on practical learning in the prep school to the forest school provision for all ages, the ethos at Hatherop is all about engaging pupils’ minds and imaginations." Muddy Stilettos Guide 2018