The School Day In Pre-Prep

‘So how are these plants different? This one, for instance, describe it for me.’ Two pairs of eyes peer at a dramatically etiolated bean plant with curiosity. ‘It’s very long and thin, and it doesn’t have many leaves.’ A Measuring tape is hauled out and all relevant information is carefully noted in an exercise book. ‘But this one’s really bushy.’ ‘And why would that be?’ the teacher prompts. Frowning in concentration, the two heads tilt towards each other and together, begin puzzling it out. They are exploring ideas, some wildly unlikely, others close to the truth; all interesting.

It is later, and the children are streaming out into the pretty cobbled courtyard for morning break. The Castle’s former stable yard now houses the whole of Pre-Prep, up to Prep 2. ‘I can do the monkey bars backwards with my eyes closed. Do you want to see?’ It is hard to turn down such an offer, and so she demonstrates, eyes screwed shut, her hands reaching back for the next bar with confidence. ‘I can’t do that yet,’ confides her friend thoughtfully. ‘But nearly. I will soon.’

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Pre-Prep timetable 2018