English Language Programme

Key facts

Age: 8-12 years old

Hours per week: 15 hours of English lessons per week

Class sizes: Maximum of 12 students per class

Levels: Beginner to fluent speakers

Our programme delivers:

  • Practical language skills in an English-speaking environment
  • Listening and reading skills in an exciting way, using as many authentic materials as possible (depending on students’ abilities)
  • Speaking and writing skills using a topic-based approach, focusing on students’ experiences through diary writing, and on oral communication skills though debates and presentations
  • Critical thinking skills by helping students reflect on their language use
  • Intercultural awareness

Course materials:

A mix of General English and IB English textbooks and authentic materials.


Students receive an online placement test and questionnaire prior to arrival so that they can be placed in the best class for their needs. If necessary, we carry out further tests on arrival.
The chart opposite gives an overview of how our class levels relate to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Students are placed into English language groups dependent on ability. The number and ability of students change week to week, which means that we adapt the class levels to ensure they match students’ needs.

CEFR levelsSummer School levels
Beginner (A0)
Elementary (A1)
Level 1
Pre-intermediate (A2)
Intermediate (B1)
Level 2/3
Upper-intermediate (B2)Level 4
Advanced (C1)
Proficient (C2)
Level 5
(Fluent speakers)

Fluent speakers

Our approach to teaching is topic-based, inspired by IB English (rather than General English), which means that fluent speakers at C1 & C2 levels enjoy a high-level, practical engagement with the English language. It ensures that students with particularly advanced standards of English (for example, those who attend international schools, have studied English for a long time or have, in fact, grown up speaking English) are still challenged at the right level in class.


  • Qualified and experienced teachers who will encourage and support students to succeed
  • Continuous monitoring by your class tutors to check your progress
  • A balanced programme of communication and comprehension
  • Hatherop Castle English Language Certificate on completion