The School Day In Upper School

A Prep 8 maths lesson is in progress. It is challenging; the children are tackling complex algebra. The learning is focused, the teacher experienced. This is the nth class he will have guided through Common Entrance. As for the students, there is an alertness that

is palpable. You can practically hear their synapses firing. No surprise, perhaps, that they will go onto their first choice of senior school. No surprise that the honours board in the entrance hall is clustered with scholarships and awards.

Leaving algebraic theory behind, they make their way to the Headmaster’s office for a School Council meeting. Here they will sit shoulder to shoulder with the school’s senior management team, to discuss a raft of topics. Today, it is chickens and the possibility of having a poultry run near the castle. This is not for show, nor even to give the children valuable experience in lobbying. Their input will inform decisions made about the school. There will be eggs for tea!

The broad sweep of the back lawns has as strong a pull on the oldest children as anyone else. At their arrival, there is a rush of short legs, and they find themselves mobbed by a gang of much smaller children, demanding to be played with, to be given piggy backs, to be chased. Laughing and protesting, they comply.

Upper School Timetable