13+ Common Entrance

Hatherop Castle has exceptional results at 13+. All our pupils gain places at their first choice of senior school, with high numbers of awards and scholarships.

Our success is down to a variety of factors: Long experience; outstanding, expert teaching; and the small class sizes and high teacher-to-pupil ratio that are lost when a child enters senior school. Sitting the 13+ common entrance exams is an ideal preparation for GCSEs, giving those children joining senior school in Year 9 a distinct advantage.

The focus of our Common Entrance Programme is to support children to realise their full potential. Our specialist teachers have the time and expertise to help the children really challenge themselves and success in the classroom is complemented by outstanding provision in the performing arts and sport. For overseas students, we provide specialist EAL support, both in and out of the classroom.

Prep 7 and 8 is a very special time at Hatherop Castle, a time when our Upper School children really stretch themselves, taking on new challenges and responsibilities and enjoying fresh opportunities. Whether your child has come up through the lower school, or is moving here from elsewhere, our tailored two-year Common Entrance Programme is the perfect preparation for entry to senior school at 13.