Upper School

The Upper School encompasses Prep 6, 7 and 8, and is where our children really come into their own, demonstrating the confidence and leadership skills that have built up over the years, which will stand them in such good stead when they move on to senior school.

These years are a very special time at Hatherop Castle, a time when our Upper School children really stretch themselves, taking on new challenges and enjoying fresh opportunities.

Academically, on the sports field, in the art room, on stage and in the great outdoors, we feed their enthusiasm and encourage them to enjoy and get the most out of these key developmental years. In Prep 8 there are positions of responsibility to take up, including Head of School, Head of Sport and Head of Boarding. The Upper School Production is always a tour de force and the various trips and expeditions are a chance for children to challenge themselves, work together with their friends and embrace the adventure of childhood. We enjoy watching as the children grow in maturity, confidence and independence.