Pre-Prep is a critical point in a child’s education. This is where they learn to love learning, to become self-motivated. At Hatherop Castle, we feed their curiosity and wonder, and help them to build the skills and techniques that will serve them all the way through their education.

Pre-Prep at Hatherop Castle is an adventure, where children lay the foundations for a successful and fulfilling education.

Housed in the Castle’s old Stable Yard set around a stone-flagged courtyard, Pre-Prep is a vibrant and colourful place, its gates opening onto 22 acres of beautiful landscaped grounds begging to be explored and discovered. This is a wonderful place in which to spend your childhood, and we take every opportunity to make best use of the beautiful landscape in which our school sits.

Learning is fun and inspirational. This is a key point in children’s social development, where they make new friends, share experiences and learn to work together successfully. Here they broaden their horizons, try new experiences and take risks in a safe environment.