The more creativity you use, the more you have.

In English at Hatherop Castle, we encourage our children to be confident and creative writers.

English lessons are spent developing the use of language and imagination and using words to build up pictures and stories. There is plenty of discussion about what makes a good piece of writing and also plenty of sharing of ideas. It is through this collaboration that children then, as authors, are able to produce excellent, varied, creative pieces of writing. This means that as the children move through the school they progress, build on what has gone before and leave as confident and creative writers who can produce pieces of writing in may different genres and styles.

 In order to celebrate the variety of writing that happens in this curriculum area, the English Department have introduced an “Author of the Week”. Each week, there will be a focus year group who will undertake a piece of creative writing. From all these pieces, the staff will then choose the child whose piece means they will be the “Author of the Week”. They will be presented with a certificate and their work published in the Messenger for all to share and enjoy.