X Factor comes to Hatherop Castle

The House Music Competition is always a gathering which causes a real stir in the school and this year was no different! Children were requested to sing and perform a set song which was ‘Get back up again’ from Trolls and a then a chosen song. Below is an update from each of the houses…


Moorhead worked to prepare for this year’s house music contest and the whole house worked together to ensure everyone knew what they were singing. Prep 6 – 8 were keen to take on small group singing and solos, their commitment to producing the best possible performance was excellent. We were joined by our very own Poppy Troll who expertly led the house with their actions through the set song. Moorhead chose a contrasting song for our own choice. ‘Too good at goodbyes’ and the whole house sang beautifully and with great feeling. Well done Moorhead.


Bazley worked super hard to prepare for House Music this year. As our chosen song, we decided to mark the centenary of the end of World War I and did a ‘mash up’ of some war time songs;’ A long way to Tipperary’ and ‘Pack Up your Troubles’.

Bazley’s performaces were definitely the most entertaining and, despite being the smallest house and with the fewest senior pupils, they sang with so much enthusiasm, energy and passion. They wowed the audience with a very comical rendition of ‘Get back up again’ (thanks to Mr Bonner’s surprise appearance as Poppy) and not only did Bazley sing their chosen song with great gusto, they even showed off their impressive marching and saluting skills and we even had some soldiers wearing camo and lots of Union Jacks flying for a real patriotic finale.

Well done Bazley – although we didn’t win this year, it was a sterling performance and you should all be very proud of yourselves.


Fyfe had worked really hard towards the house music competition which was on the last Friday of half term. We had to sing and perform a set song which was ‘Get back up again’ from Trolls and a chosen song, Fyfe chose ‘We’re all in this together’ from High School Musical. We chose this song as I am always pleased with Fyfe’s positive attitude and determination and the way all of the children work together as a house. There was a real sense of team work in Fyfe and it was great to see the older children helping the pre-prep children to learn the songs. Both our songs were lively which allowed us to add some dance moves and perform ours songs with enthusiasm. Fyfe won the set song piece but unfortunately, we missed out on the chosen song by 1 point. The children thoroughly enjoyed the competition and we already can’t wait for next year!