Would you benefit from a free escorted train service to London?

As the end of another exciting school week approaches and arrangements are made for the weekend and the children discuss with their friends what they are up to, some of the boarders are busy making their own arrangements with their families who will be waiting for them with open arms and warm hugs on the platform at Paddington Station on Friday evening. These families are taking advantage of the superb and convenient Cotswold Flyer service which offers a free escorted travel service for our weekly and full boarders between the pretty Cotswold station of Charlbury on a Friday afternoon and returning Sunday afternoon.

Scarlett describes the journey as smooth and hassle free. “It’s great because we just get on the train relax, eat our snack and we are back in London in no time with big hugs from Mummy on the Platform”. Alex says “I love going on the train as there is wifi and I get home really quickly and don’t get stuck in any traffic jams”. Scarlett also adds that “it is hard sometimes saying goodbye to Mummy on a Sunday but we are looked after all the way back and by the time we are at the Station and Mr Holmes has collected us we are really happy and looking forward to having our roast dinner back at the castle”.