The importance of extra curricular activities

This year, Prep 8 made their way to Dorset for their annual Cumulus adventure. Set amongst the surrounds of the Jurassic Coast, and situated within the Rempstone Estate, located just outside Corfe Castle in Dorset, the Prep 8’s settled in for a week of challenge and adventure.  

The target archery was greeted with excitement and a competitiveness as the group divided and prepared to face each other down! Miss Moore and I decided the appropriate approach was to act as mediators and watch the spectacle; nothing to do with it being beautifully sunny and time to tan!  

In my opinion, as a person who has suffered from vertigo in the past, the high ropes presented challenges that we both thought would lend itself to refusal from the more sensible amongst the group. However, the spirit of adventure and perseverance shone through as every member of prep 8 not only attempted but completed each task. Prep 8 should be congratulated on their bravery as this was certainly not for the faint hearted.  

The water sports were probably high on the list of favourite activities as why go to the coast if you are not going to get wet? The children had a wonderful day of coasteering and being dragged behind speed boats on large inflatable craft last seen in an episode of Baywatch, with Mr Oakden benefitting from the sunny weather and topping up his facial tan! Something he regretted at his leisure.  

Cycling the trails of the Rempstone estate was very challenging and saw both groups challenge themselves physically and mentally as they climbed and descended at some speed.  

As always, the food from Cumulus was plentiful and delicious with the last night seeing us all make crab cakes from a recently deceased crab. Something I had never done before and as Tom the director of Cumulus noted, after dissembling a crab, it made us realise why crab is such an expensive meat.     

Another fantastic and diverse week of activities and adventures over, the Prep 8’s made us proud with lovely comments on their behaviour coming from local bystanders and the Cumulus staff. We are certain that the children will look back at this week with great fondness and some incredibility at what they achieved.