Why is music important in the early years and beyond?

For all children, and adults for that matter, music has a vital part to play in our lives.

Music can lift our mood and help us to connect with others in wholly unique ways. It can tap into our innermost selves, affirm our deepest feelings and beliefs, and allow us to express them, all to the benefit of our emotional well-being. For children, this opportunity for self-expression is key to their overall development and consequently plays a significant part in Hatherop Castle’s education.

Music provides many answers for little ones who are still learning how to speak and express themselves, learning to develop social interactions or learning to control their movements and concentrate. Just watch a toddler swaying and jumping around to a jolly tune and you can’t help but notice the impact that music can have. In the Nursery music is an everyday occurrence. The percussion instruments are frequently brought out to accompany a marching band. Rhymes and songs with repeated refrains encourage and promote an understanding of the rhythm of language allowing children to anticipate what sound might come next. Just being together singing a song or dancing to the same music gives a sense of belonging and community, promoting social interactions.

Developing creativity through music continues throughout the school with specialist lessons from Mr Page, individual instrument lessons from visiting teachers and numerous performing opportunities. Nursery and Pre-Prep are currently working hard on their Nativity with a difference, incorporating music in creative ways – keep an eye on our social media throughout December to see how pivotal music is at Hatherop Castle!