Why is art essential for a child’s development?

Art may seem all fun and games, which of course it is but children also gain so many vital skills through art. 

When a child draws a picture, paints an image, does a collage or performs any creative activity, they are communicating an experience. Through their art work, children are encouraged to talk about experiences and express their feelings. You can show joy, love and fear through pictures. 

Art also promotes problem solving. Children are faced with technical problems to solve such as, how can I make this particular colour? My mobile does not balance, what am I going to add to it to make it balance, how can I make this image look three dimensional?  

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Art activities also introduce children to new tools and materials, and possible ways to use them, this can also enhance their language skills through asking open ended questions, “Tell me about your painting”  

Art also develops social and emotional skills. It encourages sharing and taking turns as well as appreciating others’ work. Art fosters positive mental health by allowing a child to show individuality and uniqueness. A pleasing piece of work can build self-confidence and give a child a sense of achievement. It is very important to convey to children that art has no right and wrong. Art is a form of self-expression. A fine example of this is Picasso’s “Weeping woman” 

Naturally fine motor skills are improved significantly by art, enabling a child to paint the desired marks, cut intricate shapes as well as improve hand writing for other subjects.  This is why we ensure all children are given the opportunity to express themselves through art at Hatherop and it is a firm fixture for the whole school on the academic timetable.