Why are Residential trips important?

This week, Prep 5,6 & 7 all took part in a week of adventures in Dorset for their Cumulus week. They have tackled a huge range of new challenges, learnt new skills and most importantly, have had an enormous amount of fun.

This opportunity for a residential visit offered to all children from Prep 5 upwards is the perfect occasion to learn about taking risks, trying something new and thriving in an unfamiliar environment. This enables them to develop and build a whole host of invaluable life skills: problem solving, teamwork, cooperation, self-esteem, communication, decision-making skills and confidence to name just a few. Experiencing this independence in a safe and positive environment boosts the children’s’ self-confidence. Residentials are essential for personal and social development, allowing new friendships to bloom and new challenges to be faced.

In today’s society, it is important to breed a culture of a “can do” attitude and we believe children should be actively involved in managing their own risks. This helps give children knowledge and responsibility of what they have learnt, achieved and what they have found out about themselves. With each trip, the children venture into undiscovered territory and as their life experience grows, so does their perspective on the world we live in.

Learning from experiences taken from the outdoors also helps develop a creative mindset. Isn’t this what all future employers want? Finally, what could be better for children than running around in the great outdoors, where they can just let their imagination run wild.