What’s it like at the top?

There is a sense of achievement of getting to the very end.

It culminates in the first set of very important external examinations, something that the children have been working hard towards for a long time. They enjoy being given posts of responsibility and are proud of their school in so many ways.

The Prep 8’s love being given some independence by having their form room in the Art studio with their very own gallery to sit in and relax during break times.  This is often done over a cup of hot chocolate in a peaceful environment.

They have to learn to manage their own work load amongst the very many activities they pursue both in and outside of school. This is excellent practice for senior school life. The present year 8 cover a huge range of activities. These include rugby club, hockey club, golf, fencing, choirs, riding and art clubs, just to name a few.

When I talk to the children, one of the aspects of Prep 8 that they enjoy the most is the traditions, such as the pantomime that they perform at Christmas for the rest of the school and their parents. The prefect ball is also a highlight for many. This allows them to dress up and engage with staff members in a very mature way during dinner but then relax and let their hair down once the dancing begins! Being trusted to show parents around their very special school is something all the Prep 7 & 8’s take huge pride in.

Finally, and arguably most importantly, the children in Prep 8 are allowed to continue their adventure of childhood and grow in confidence in a familiar and supportive environment. 

All these aspects help give them the confidence for a smooth transition into their first-choice Senior Schools.