What was life really like as an evacuee?

Prep 6 have had another busy and exciting week learning about the experiences of children who were evacuated from their homes during the Second World War.

In their English lessons they have been studying ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll, a gripping drama about a brother and sister who are evacuated from London to a lighthouse in Devon. In response, the children have produced some highly imaginative pieces of writing which have reflected their enthusiasm for the text.

In form times, Prep 6 have supplemented their English work through listening to music about the Evacuee experience and baking their own wartime carrot cookies (which turned out to be very good!) On Thursday of last week, the children attended their lessons dressed as evacuees and we held a form period ‘in the blackout’ to the accompaniment of air raid sirens and other wartime sound effects, and eating more carrot cookies. Here are a few photos from our week as Evacuees.