The School Council have had a busy year!

This year our School Council have worked tirelessly for our community. They have helped and improved our environment at school and the wider world around us. 

In the Michealmas term, they coordinated a whole school drive collecting items for our Food Bank. By early December, we had delivered over a quarter of a tonne of food items to Cirencester Food Bank. 

Throughout Lent Term our drive was to recycle batteries. Once again, the Hatherop Community pulled together. We recycled the largest amount of batteries that any school has managed to recycle in Gloucestershire through ‘The Big Battery Hunt’ schools initiative. 

Perhaps our finest hour came in the Summer Term. The Council were challenged to raise money for the Clare Lomas Spinal Injury Foundation. Many wonderful and diverse charity drives were completed. This included a danceathon, cake sale, cup cake making afternoons and even a marathon! 

We have been bowled over by the creativity and ingenuity of the children and indeed the generosity of their sponsors too. So far this last initiative has incredibly raised over £1500 for our charities and we are still counting!  It was a wonderful end to a marvellous year for our School Council.