What have Reception been up to?

Well… where to start?

Reception have been so busy this Lent Term already.

They have been putting their phonic skills to good use with many starting their first reading books, which has caused great excitement.
The class has enjoyed finding out about China and how Chinese New Year is celebrated. They have made up a whole-class Dragon Dance and written some amazing poems to go with it. They also had a Chinese tasting banquet (yum yum) whee rice cakes, noodles, stir fry, prawn crackers and lychees were sampled,
amongst other things, and all had a try at using chopsticks.
This week, the big event has been Reception’s first-ever class assembly which was performed to a large audience consisting of the whole school and Reception parents. They were able to make full use of the new Performing Arts Centre using the stage and the screen to tell everyone about kindness. The children all contributed to the script and helped in some way, and every child spoke.

The Lent term is when Reception do cookery. So far they have made porridge for Baby Bear and bird cake to feed the birds, as well as their Chinese feast.

This week they also visited the Life Education Centre to meet Harold the Giraffe and find out how to keep fit, healthy and happy.

As the children have moved around the school they have been noticing light sources and looking for opaque and transparent objects, as we have been finding out about light and colour.

Games and dice have featured strongly in Maths lessons this term and we have even done some work using Chinese numbers. Tricky!

Wow, Reception, you have been working hard and you have done some amazing work – well done!