Welcome back to the 2nd half of term….

It has been lovely to see the children bouncing back to school after the half term break and I very much hope you all enjoyed a relaxing and restful week with the children. Although this term is relatively short, it is always a busy term with lots happening and we expect a lot from the children in a variety of different lessons, activities and sports. Therefore, a week off to recharge batteries is very much needed. I think the cold, damp and dark days of January can be energy sapping and can affect one’s mood as well. To know we have the spring and summer seasons to look forward to alongside some exciting events planned should help put a spring in our step as we embark on what will be a short, fun and action packed second half of term.

Our School Eco Plans

Just before half term I met with Mrs Dawson, Mr Hempsted and Mr McConnell who are leading our Eco Action Committee and development plans. Together with the children on the committee we discussed some exciting initiatives which will not only improve the environment we live in, but will also continue to educate the future generation of the importance of looking after our planet. We started re-wilding a patch of grass by the archway and there are plans to re-wild other areas of the grounds including creating a pond, all of which will attract more insects and wildlife as well the areas being used for learning. Mrs Jeffrey and her gardeners have been working hard in the vegetable garden and liaising with the site team to produce our own compost. The next plan is to liaise with the catering team to add vegetable and fruit peelings to the compost heap.

Making our own Bug Hotels

It was lovely this week to see a variety of bug hotels coming into school as part of the Inter house competition and these will be not only judged as per the competition, but will be sited around the grounds as well for the Hatherop bugs to live in. The house chilli competition is under way and I know those green fingered pupils will be watering their plants in a bid to grow the largest and hottest chilli, all ready for me to taste and judge later in the year!

Alongside plans for the school environment, the pupils will be monitoring and trying to find ways in saving and monitoring our energy consumption (particularly our electricity) and I know the committee are soon to meet to discuss this further.  

I am genuinely impressed and excited by the enthusiasm the pupils have shown towards these initiatives and I look forward to seeing these areas develop and grow over the coming months.