Welcome back to Hatherop Castle!

While everyone enjoys the summer holidays and with the exceptional weather we have experienced, it is always exciting to welcome the children back to start a new academic year.

We are very fortunate that we go to school in such magnificent surroundings, with the hustle and bustle of children and staff throughout the school and grounds.

At the end of last term, I spoke about the importance of developing a growth mindset to learning; the belief that with hard work, focused effort and guided support, anything is possible and how making mistakes should be seen as learning opportunities and not failures. I want everyone within the Hatherop community to embrace this attitude and embed it as part of the culture of the school.

The children and parents will see many physical changes at Hatherop. The boarding house, under the guidance of our new house parents Mr and Mrs Holmes, has a fresh new look and I know our boarders will be excited to find their new beds. Down in the stable yard we have created a new reception classroom and given a face lift to the Science Lab. Look out for photos on social media!

I certainly am looking forward to the year ahead. With so many opportunities planned they really are going to have the adventure of childhood!


Nigel Reed