Transitions within the Early Years Foundation Stage

Settling children into their new classroom is of fundamental importance in the Early Years. No child wants to feel anxious or worried and nor do the parents.

There is nothing worse than leaving a tearful child at school and going home thinking they are upset and will have a miserable time until pick up. A parent who is confident about their child starting Nursery or moving class will transfer that confidence onto their child. Thus making that drop off in the morning stress free.

Parent and toddler sessions every Friday

We hold a Pre-Nursery parent and toddler session, every Friday morning at Hatherop. This allows each child to get to know the Nursery classroom and become familiar with the routines and staff. All of this with the security of their parent being close by. Consequently, by the time they join the class the children feel safe and secure and settle in much more quickly.

Moving from Kindergarten to Transition class

Moving from Kindergarten to Transition is a similar process.  The children spend time each week in the Transition classrooms, getting to know the staff and the equipment. They are introduced to French, which is taught by Madame Thomas (Head of languages) and this continues through to Reception. Likewise, Mr Bailey (Director of Sport) and Miss Gore Browne, (Head of Pre-Prep) who teach throughout the school, come to the Nursery to take the children for Gym and Music.  All these steps allow the children to be introduced to staff they will meet as they progress up the school.

The big move up to Reception

The move to Reception and full-time school can be a tricky one.  During the Michaelmas term, the Reception teachers visit the Transition class to get to know the children in their own environment. Later in the term, parents drop off their children in Reception one morning a week. This allows children and parents to become familiar with the classrooms and the staff in the Stable Yard.

The children will then spend about half an hour each week in Reception. Parents find this an invaluable time to ask any questions before the children start full time school. At the end of the Summer Term all children registered to attend Reception in the Michaelmas term will spend a morning or afternoon in their future classroom. Children who have had this experience and been through the Nursery, and all the transitional activities that are in place, generally settle into Reception without a backward glance and are positively eager to start school.