Transition make their first trip to Reception

Today, the whole of the Transition class spent the morning in Reception. They have been meeting the teachers and familiarising themselves with their future classrooms.

They will continue to do this every Thursday morning for a short period of time. This is done to ensure a smooth transition and settling in process for all the children as they continue their journey through Hatherop into Pre-Prep and Prep.

This very gradual introduction, over a longer period of time, allows the children to settle at their own pace and explore the next stage of their school life in a relaxed and personalised manner. It also gives the teachers time to get to know their future children and bond with them before they officially start in Reception in September 2020.

Parents find this an invaluable time to ask any questions before the children start full-time school. At the end of the Summer Term, all the children registered to attend Reception in the Michaelmas term will spend a morning or afternoon in their future classroom. Children who have had this experience and been through the Nursery, and all the transitional activities that are in place, generally settle into Reception without a backward glance and are positively eager to start school.