Transition learn about their cardiology


Transition are currently learning about ‘People who help us’ and this week we have been learning about the people who work in hospitals and learning all about the jobs of Doctors and Nurses. We have been extremely lucky to have Jackson’s Mummy, Mrs Goulding, come in and talk to us about her very important job as a cardiologist.

Once the children realised that their hearts were not heart shaped and in fact the size and shape of their own fist; Mrs Goulding showed the children a model of the heart allowing them to see all the tubes and the different sections and teaching us about the difference between the left and right sides of the muscle. During the amazing talk the children were able to join in with fabulous science experiments, whilst learning a whole range of new vocabulary such as; plasma, blue/red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and nutrients.

They built play dough veins and arteries for the life-size circulatory system and finally they learnt all about keeping the heart healthy with the foods they eat.