Transition discover the magical stories of Diwali

Transition have been learning all about Diwali, the Festival of Light.

We have learned all about the mythological story of Sita and Rama which has totally captivated the children’s imaginations; their role play retelling the story has been fabulous. There has been some great recall of the story which has been amazing; Flora remembered “The lights they follow home are Diya lamps!” Angus said “They build a bridge to save the princess. They have all the monkeys helping the Monkey General!” Balthazar told us “The evil guy is called Ravana and he gets killed with a spear!” This half term we have been making mobile hanging Diya lamps using different mediums; Mehndi handprints were we drew around our hands and then decorated them with Mehndi patterns; masks of Sita and Rama as well as Rangoli patterns in Forest School using natural materials the children could find.