Top Tips for learning at home

This week, many of us have started learning at home with our children. This is not always easy, especially when we also have our own jobs to do in addition to running the house and cooking 3 meals every day. To help you get through this, we thought we would share some top tips on learning from home.

Establish a routine

Pay attention to information shared by the school on how online learning will be facilitated and download recommended programmes to support your child’s learning.

Support your child to maintain a routine while at home. This will look different depending on the age of your child – for example, older children are more likely to adhere to a timetabled school day.

Ensure that the daily schedule includes a balance of academic, creative, physical and social activities with clear expectations for wake-up and bedtimes.

Stay connected

While social distancing is vital, staying in touch with friends is also important for all children. Providing opportunities to interact socially with peers will help children maintain connections and boost their mood.

So if your child is at home, give them a chance to connect with peers during their breaks, like they would at school. You could try Face-time with grandparents, or having a Netflix ‘watch’ party with friends.

Stay Active

Our children spend a lot of time moving around at school, so it’s important to ensure that they are still engaging in activities they enjoy while they’re at home. If it’s practical, spend some time outside riding, jogging or walking.

Staying active as a family can also have a positive impact for everyone, not just kids, so it’s also important adults get involved.

Take the opportunity to do something together, whether it be playing board games, or working on a project in the house or garden.

You can’t do everything

Remember to be realistic on what you can get done in one day. You may not always complete everything that has been set by the teacher, don’t worry! You can only complete so much, so don’t be afraid to let some things go. The most important thing is the health and well-being of you all as a family.