There is a new band in town!

As part of our revamped Tuesday Hobbies sessions this term, we decided that we would offer a new musical activity to our pupils in Years 6-8, simply called, ‘The Band’. The idea was to make this open to anyone who wanted to join, regardless of whether they were instrumentalists and singers, or not.

From the outset, our intention has been to let the pupils lead as far as possible, allowing them to suggest songs and how we might perform them. Straightaway, the children responded brilliantly and there have been some rousing re-interpretations of ‘Wonderwall’, ‘Viva La Vida’ and ‘If I were a Boy’ echoing through the school corridors this term. Without doubt, the best thing to see has been the enthusiasm with which everyone has joined in every Tuesday afternoon. 

Showing commendable ambition, the children have also been putting forward ideas for ‘The Band’s’ debut outing, a first ‘gig’ no less, at the Christmas performance early in December. In the last session before half-term, several Christmas hits were discussed and we’re looking forward to starting rehearsals as soon as we return after half-term. So, look out for ‘The Band’ at the Christmas Performance, it might be your only chance to catch them this year – who knows where they might be performing in the next?