There are a lot of adventures out there, waiting for us to live them

Our Hatherop Castle values are of great importance to us in the Nursery. The letter ‘A’ stands for Adventure and this comes in all shapes and sizes.

At Little Owls Nursery we are lucky enough to have full access to the astro-turf, lots of outdoor space and our very own Forest School. However, adventure can also be found in the classroom and this week the Kindergarten have been very busy learning about cooks/chefs! The children made their own porridge and continued to bake in the home corner, before heading off on an adventure to the school kitchen where Lisa gave them a tour of the walk-in fridge and dry store, and then let them have a look at the huge pots and pans!

So, what does adventure mean? Well according to one of our Transition pupils, “Adventure means following a map but getting lost and then finding our way back to Nursery”. This fits perfectly; the children in our care are always on the look out for their next adventure and we are always ready to help them on their way!