The Wonderful World of Toys

Reception were treated to a magical visit last week by Jo from Cheltenham Art Gallery.  

The children took part in a workshop to find out how toys have changed over time.  They were introduced to a collection of antique dolls, some of which were 200 years old. The children were fascinated that the dolls were made from porcelain and wax and even had real hair! Jo set out a huge collection of toys including; traditional toys, toys from afar, and moving toys.

The children had a super time exploring each group of toys. They were particularly interested in the materials that were used to make some of them, tin cans and wood to name a few.  To complete the session, Jo read a story called, ‘Brown Paper Bear’, where a girl discovers a magical toy box and old-fashioned toys come to life!

To watch the curiosity of the children whilst they investigated the traditional toys was a joy to see. It showed them that the simplest toys, which encourage thought and time to enjoy are often the best.