The wonderful world of Harry Potter

Six Prep 6 Muggles were lucky enough to visit the magical world of Harry, Ron and Hermione this week, during a special Literacy day at fellow Wishford School Westonbirt.

On arrival, the sorting hat placed them in Ravenclaw House. Professor McGonagal, Rita Skeeter and Mad Eye Moody all made an appearance as they were set their task for the day; they had to design a magical potion, write the advert and make a gif to promote their product.

The first lesson was Potions. Inspired by the bangs, flashes and amazing colours, the pupils devised their own concoction. The choices of a doubling potion and a screaming potion proved to be very creative! The second lesson of the day saw them design their advertising gif using a green screen. For lunch a magical feast including butterbeer was on offer.

It was then time to start to put their advert together, thinking about how to use a range of different persuasive and literary techniques to sell their potion. Using Ipads they put their ‘living’ advert together, creating their own page of the Daily Prophet. The day ended with each group presenting their final advert.

A truly magical day! Thank you Westonbirt…or was it Hogwarts?