The value of Drama in English

At Hatherop Castle School there are a variety of opportunities to perform – these range from class assemblies in front of the whole school and parents, productions and of course drama activities in the course of English lessons. Drama is a vital part of the English curriculum, recently as part of Prep 6’s studies of the text “Holes” they worked in small groups to act out a part of the story – plenty of team work going on alongside discussion about characters, emotions and how these could be portrayed through drama. The highlight was then performing these to the rest of the year group – great confidence was shown by all, as well as lots of enjoyment and laughter.

At the moment the PAC has been buzzing with Prep 3, 4 and 5 rehearsing for their production of “Dragonslayer” based on the story of David and Goliath. Every child plays an important part in the production, and is fully involved in the action and singing. Prep 5 have taken the major roles and have thrived being on stage, plenty of confidence, acting and teamwork has been clear to see.

To reinforce the value of drama in the curriculum, Prep 4,5 and 6 last week went to Cirencester’s Barn Theatre to see the critically acclaimed stage version of Michael Morpurgo’s “The Mozart Question”. An exceptional production set in World War 2, saw the children on the edge of their seats, engrossed and enthralled. Just another way in which the children at Hatherop Castle are treated to the adventure that drama can bring.