The importance of the Reception year

The first five years of a child’s life, are the most important in terms of cognitive, emotional and physical development.

The Princess of Wales has recently launched her ‘Shaping Us’ campaign to “shine a spotlight on the critical importance of early childhood and how it shapes the adults we become”. The first year of full-time education for most children, the Reception year, teaches more than the foundations of reading and writing. Children in Reception are encouraged to approach their learning with a curious mind, often leading the direction of the curriculum according to their own interests. Children are encouraged to try new things; to have a go at something new, whether that is on the Astroturf in Games lessons, or trying new food at lunchtimes.

Children learn to be resilient, to problem solve when faced with a challenge, and to learn from their mistakes. Alongside this, Reception children become more confident communicators, develop listening skills and learn to regulate and express their emotions. Not only does this build the foundations for their learning further up the school, but it helps to shape them as individuals; building character, developing empathy and encouraging ambition in all that they do.

The Reception year is also where we spark creativity, ignite imaginations and approach all learning hands-on. We may be flying a plane in the classroom one day, digging for worms and climbing trees the next, and even creating our own musical instruments out of junk modelling equipment! Why not come and visit Reception soon and see for yourselves at our Open Morning on Thursday 2nd March. For more information contact Caroline Kirby at