The Importance of Science in the Curriculum

In today’s age of constant information, regulated and unregulated alike, it can be a confusing place.

As our children grow up in an ever more connected world, it is vital they have the knowledge and skills to determine fact from fiction. They must be able to think critically for themselves and not blindly accept “Statements of Fact” as truths. This is where a science education is vitally important.

Science’s greatest strength is that it is self-correcting.  It will reflect on previous knowledge and use newly discovered information to update, correct or completely rewrite the text books. 

At Hatherop, Science is a key part of the curriculum. By asking knowledge questions such as ‘What is fire?’ and investigative questions such as ‘What happens if we add more acid to this mixture?’, our pupils are learning the skills of critical thinking through testing and reflecting on their findings.

From Nursery to Prep 8, science is a key part of the week. Reception have been looking at what happens when different substances are mixed together, Prep 1 have been learning about the variety of vertebrate animals, Prep 2 have been investigating dinosaurs, Prep 3 have been looking at the nature of light, Prep 4 have begun to work in a laboratory in earnest with all the skills necessary for conducting investigations, Prep 5 are doing further work on animal and plant adaptations, Prep 6 have been using their observational skills to create identification keys, Prep 7 have been learning about renewable energy resources and the benefits and drawbacks of each type and Prep 8 have begun to investigate the reactions of the periodic table in detail.

All of these activities are designed to bring about a sense of awe and wonder of the natural world and give the pupils the tools to be able to make sense of, and to recognise the beauty in, all they see. From the squeals of delight at finding a nest of centipedes in the woodland, to the wide-eyed wonder of creating multi-coloured Bunsen flames in the laboratory, science engenders a sense of discovery and wonder in our pupils.