The importance of reading

Phrases such as “please can we read the next chapter?” and “please may I read now?” are commonplace in our Year 6 English lessons.

The enjoyment the children have gained from reading the historical fiction novel,  “Letters from the Lighthouse” is clear to see. Plenty of fluent reading, discussion, drama and written work follows on from reading as a class, small groups and individuals.

Fostering and encouraging this love of reading is a vital part of the English curriculum at Hatherop Castle. This love of reading is becoming more important to instil in this digital age. The enjoyment from settling down with a good book, can be clearly seen, by the children enjoying our relocated library, and our selection of new fiction books. Listening to the children discussing books they have read, and you can see that we are setting these year 6 children up for a literary future in this modern world.