The benefits of playing team sports – Hockey

There are many benefits which come with playing hockey at Hatherop Castle School.

Our pupils begin learning hockey in Reception and continue to enjoy playing the game right through to Prep 8. The physical benefits of hockey include; developing endurance, strength, balance, coordination and agility. However, the sport also benefits the children in a mental, social and emotional level. Not only do the children develop a sense of pride, trust and sportsmanship, it is also a great stress relief from any academic or social pressures.

Hockey also helps the children to deal with winning and losing, an extremely important life skill to learn. Playing hockey directly links to our Hatherop Values of Teamwork, Respect, Discipline, Sportsmanship and Enjoyment. From Prep 3 onward, the children enjoy regular matches and tournaments with other schools and many pupils become members of clubs outside of school.

Hockey is certainly a great game and it is fantastic to see so many pupils excelling in this sport at Hatherop.