The benefits of boarding

Why should you consider a boarding school? There are many reasons to go to boarding school along side the academics. Here are just a few.


If your child is a budding musician, sports player or actor, a boarding school will have facilities to help to support your child. Whether it is an Astroturf, Performing Arts Centre, netball courts or specialist music rooms. Your child will have an opportunity to use facilities that even many adults would be jealous of.

Responsibility & Independence

Boarding school truly does give your child the chance to take responsibility for their work, behaviour and extra-curriculars. As the children move further up the school, more emphasis is placed on the pupils on the children being more independent, wherever possible. The lessons in life learned in boarding school will lay a solid foundation for adulthood.

Class Sizes

Boarding schools make decisions to cap their classes, often being half or even up to a third of those in a state school. This smaller class ensures that your child is not just a number. It allows them to not be intimidated by the size of the class, in order to ask those hesitant questions as well as having a greater engagement in lessons.


The breadth of opportunities is one of the main reasons to pick a boarding school. Every parent wants their child to find success, but not all will know what they are good at. Besides the academia, boarding schools have a plethora of opportunities. From fencing to learning the drums to Eco committees to golf. These are just a few examples.

The Adventure of Childhood, Hatherop Castle School boarding

Student/teacher relationships

Most teachers at a boarding school offer more than just their academic subjects, meaning that they get to see pupils in different lights to see what makes them tick. The small classes helps this fact, allowing each child to build a relationship with their teacher so that progress can be made in each and every aspect of school life.

Boarding school is more than just school, pupils and staff alike live on site. For many, this is home. This brings a culture, energy and also a family feel to the school. To find out more about boarding at Hatherop, please click on the button below for our Instagram page.