The Art of Lockdown

In these very challenging times – where our freedom to do what we want, when we want is sadly disappearing, art has become all the more important. It not only helps us to appreciate the beauty all around us, but it also allows us to escape our hardships and puts our struggles into perspective.

It is recognised that parents are a child’s first teacher, but during this year they have also become substitute teachers. I found it interesting and refreshing during the last lockdown how many parents enjoyed working alongside their children on set art projects – guiding, inspiring and also rekindling old forgotten passions.

An advantage of children working from home doing their art projects is that they are not influenced by one another. Each individual is given the opportunity to express themselves in a totally unique way. They are encouraged to work their imagination in a way that has sadly been forgotten.

This term we are focusing on famous artist, producing project books, with information about their lives and producing individual paintings /drawings in their styles.

I would like each and every one of you to look at the beauty of our countryside when you go for a family walk. David Hockney created a new art work entitled; “Do remember they can’t cancel spring”.

Take a camera with you and snap away, I would love to see the results either as photos or a painting.

                                                             Get creative!

Sally Easterbrook