Sports Review – Why do we play Handball at HCS?


Highlights from the week in PE – Prep 6 Handball

Why do we play Handball at HCS? Handball is a dynamic and exciting sport. It requires speed, strength, power, stamina, endurance, fitness and above all teamwork. It is a wonderful mixture of football, basketball and a few water polo tactics thrown in. Prep 6 have really enjoyed learning the skills involved. Being able to develop the children’s spatial awareness and decision making skills can only help in all aspects of sport.


Girls’ sport

Its been a great week of matches for the girls.

U10 girls v Kitebrook— Won 5-0. Players player: Esme, Coaches player: Daisy

U11 girls v Kitebrook—Won 10-0. Player of the match: Celia V for several impressive saves and a commanding presence in the D .

U13 girls v Cricklade Manor and Dauntsey’s— Won 3-0 against Cricklade and Dauntsey’s C and drew 0-0 with Dauntsey’s B team. Players player and coaches player—Bethany Leach


Boys’ sport

The boys have had some great fixtures this week. Some close encounters and some real positives on which to build on for the rest of the season. A busy week ahead for all age groups.

U11 boys v Berkhampstead 5-4 LOST Man of the Match: Freddy Meredith

U10A v Dean Close 13-8 LOST Man of the Match: Monty Cowan

U10B v Wycliffe Draw Man of the Match: Arthur Taylor

U9 A & B @ Beaudesert Rug by Festival – Man of the Match A team – Hugo Streeter; Man of the Match B team – Reuben Chakraborty


Sports Reminders

All the boys & girls (U8s & U9s) are travelling away to Cricklade manor Prep on Monday. This will be the first fixture for the U8s. Please come along to cheer them on! Please ensure you have your gumshields!

Question (Ryder Cup) – What year was it when the Americans last triumphed on European soil?

Prep 3-8 Please remember to look at the Games Notice Board and to speak to your Form Teacher so you know if you are having an early lunch on Match day.