Sport – something for everyone!

U8A & U8B Cricket v Berkhampstead

What a great afternoon of cricket, with both schools working hard to perform the techniques involved. The spirit in which the two was played in outlines everything that sports is about. I was impressed with how well the U8B team played, especially Thomas Campbell and Wilf Heathcoat-Amoury, who both bowled extremely well and both scored number of boundaries to help their team win 296 runs to 292. Well done also to the U8A team, who won their game with a score of 275 runs to 261 runs. Congratulations to Sebastian Jones for taking his first wicket of the season.

AG&T Programme – Gloucestershire Rugby

In January a Prep 7 pupil started the Gloucester Rugby Club Developing Player program known as the DPP. His first experience was going to a meeting with every player, nominator and a parent to hear about what they expect of us and what we will experience. The coaches focussed on specific game based drills covering all aspect of the game. Before our session all boys had to do a concussion test on-line so that the parents and children are aware of the signs of concussion after a head injury. There were four areas that the coaches felt are important in the development of young, talented players.

* Breakdown

* Catch Pass

* Tackle Technique

* Games sense

The aim of the programme is to make us the best we can be. I really enjoyed the experience – I had fun, made some good friends and I was pleased with my overall performance and development. The next training programme starts in the Autumn of this year, and I can’t wait!



U9 vs Kitebrook

The U9 girls along with Matilda C, Coco F and Matilda LL had a fantastic game against Kitebrook. They started well and were able to keep Kitebrooks’ half time score to 3 Rounders and were then able to score 8, with Daisy and Esme both scoring 2 each. In the second half, improved fielding from HCS meant that Kitebrook were only able to finish with a score of 5 so we had already won. There was some more impressive batting and intelligent running from our girls in the second innings, particularly from Esme again and also Matilda C. The final score was a win of 18 ½ to 5. Player of the match was given to Esme for her fantastic batting.


U13 Rounders v Kitebrook

On Wednesday 9th May, the U13 girls played rounders against Kitebrook at HCS.

The Hatherop girls batted first scoring a total of 4 rounders. It was then the girls turn to field and their excellent fielding and team work resulted in them getting all the Kitebrook players out on 18 balls with only ½ a rounder scored. The second innings started well with Hatherop scoring another 5 rounders however a few misfields by the girls meant Kitebrook also scored 5 rounders. The final result was 9 ½ to 5 ½ to Hatherop. Player of the match goes to Romilly. Well done girls, fantastic first game of the season.