Sport at Hatherop continues to thrive

Sport at Hatherop Castle continues to thrive, with more and more boys & girls participating in paid sporting activities throughout the week.

Every week, a mixed group of Prep 8 sports scholars meet and are being prepared for various sports assessments and fitness tests to help prepare them for various senior school expectations. Lower down in the Prep School, all children from Prep 3-8 get the opportunity to represent the school at weekly fixtures against a range of schools. This provides them with the opportunity to bond as a team, learn about healthy competition and play against a wide variety of children. All children are included in these matches as we are committed to giving every child the same opportunities and encourage everyone to take an active role in the provision provided.

In the senior part of the school we are offering a full contact of rugby as well as an option to play semi-contact or a touch style game of rugby. Both games are valuable and help us to teach the values of rugby to our community but at a level where the children are most comfortable.

In the Pre-Prep, we now start to move towards groupings the boys and girls together for one of their games lessons per week. This is going to give the children more interaction between genders as well as promoting friendship and mutual respect amongst each other. In the Middle School, the girls will be starting football and we will be joining some of the lower years together for games and potential matches in the future. There is lots to get excited about. We have had a busy run in to the end of term and a packed calendar next term.