Spooky adventures at Hatherop Castle Nursery!

The week began by creating the witches’ Den; a spooky candlelit, cobwebby area for the children to engage in imaginative role-play, wearing masks designed by themselves.

The children had fun making witchy potions with jelly and Halloween sweets. They were keen to stir the cauldron and experiment with different textures, before the majority of the gooey mixture ended up in their tummies.

The children have created bats using collage materials. They used their hands to print spooky spiders and made ghostly ghouls to hang in their windows.

Next, the children helped to carve a pumpkin, relishing in the sludgy, slimy interior. This was then used to make a yummy pumpkin soup (which turned out to be quite delicious!) They decorated their own miniature pumpkins and, with tea-lights added, they all enjoyed a Halloween tea.