Specialised Neuro Linguistic lessons at Hatherop Castle

Prep 7 & 8 have had the first session with Neuro Linguistic Programing coach Cadie Aspray (Adv NLP Coach Clin Hyp) entitled “Being The Best You Can Be”. NLP is interested in how our brain works, how what we say can affect how our brain works and how our brain can often work for us in quite automated ways that aren’t always the most useful for us.

We may all be different, but what if we believed that we have everything in us to be The Best We Can Be?. Cadie challenged us with the things we say to ourselves that limit and affect our beliefs and limit our potential. We realised that our brains have developed some automatic pathways that work in ways that are not always the most helpful and how these can be changed and with practice become the new way of being. Prep 7 & 8 were very excited for their next session with Cadie.